Group Vice President Global Quality and New Product Launch
Vice President Advanced & Manufacturing Engineering
Chief Operating Officer Jaguar and Land Rover Operation
Executive Director Product Development
Board of Directors NIST Baldridge Performance Excellence Program

  • Value-Based Leadership
  • Business Transformation
  • Profit Before Tax
  • Cash Flow
  • Market Share
  • Cost Performance
  • Quality
  • People
  • Sustainability
Driving Cost Reduction Through VALUE CHAIN MANAGEMENT

Bennie is a seasoned automotive expert with extensive experience leading manufacturing and product development teams, purchasing, total value management, quality and launch. During his time at Ford, Bennie implemented an enterprise-wide quality and productivity plan that reduced warranty reserves by over $3 billion, resulting in Ford becoming an industry leader. Bennie's process improvements have led to over $5 billion in cost improvement projects throughout the enterprise.

Inspiring Minds Through POSITIVE DEVELOPMENT

In 2000, Bennie founded the Powerstroke Athletic Club, an afterschool youth organization based in Southfield, Michigan. Powerstroke’s mission is to develop positive characteristics and values in youths through hard work, discipline, education and relationships by relating the lessons of competitive sports to real world challenges. Powerstroke has helped over 4,000 kids since its inception, many of which have since received scholarships to college.