Quality Operations Consultant

Bennie Fowler - Quality Control Consultant

Quality Control Consulting Services: Corporate Coaching | Bennie Fowler - quality_controlAs a former Group Vice President for Global Product Quality at a multinational Fortune 10 corporation, Bennie Fowler is in a unique position to utilize hands-on knowledge to help you grow your organization.

Through careful inspection and evaluation of the systems, processes and materials that are currently in place, Bennie Fowler utilizes a fact-based approach for drawing conclusions and implementing strategies. His detailed knowledge of quality and performance standards throughout the value chain of large-scale and multinational organizations allows Mr. Fowler to drive sustainable quality and process improvements, while simultaneously minimizing costs.

Bennie Fowler’s Unique Step-by-Step Productivity & Quality Improvement Strategy Will Set Your Teams Up for Sustainable Business Transformation

Using qualitative goals to determine key performance indicators, Bennie Fowler can ensure measurable progress in your quality goals. Bennie will personally work with your teams to develop new systems and strategies that are sustainable and scalable throughout the growth of your business.

Using a Systems Approach to Improving Workforce Capability, Agility and Capacity to Improve Market Quality and Financial Performance

Bennie Fowler can create value in all aspects of your business:

  • Profit before tax
  • Cash flow
  • Market share
  • Cost performance
  • Quality
  • People
  • Sustainability

Key Accomplishments & Quality Benchmarks - Ford Motor Company

  • Launched over 900 vehicles and delivered over $5 billion in product improvements as Group Vice President of Global Quality & New Model Launch. These improvements boosted Ford’s JD Power & Associates quality rating from last place to a solid position in the Top 10.
  • Produced $250 million in capital savings and reduced prototype costs by $10 million annually as Vice President of Advanced & Manufacturing Engineering.
  • Delivered $1.4 billion in savings through restructuration of Product Development, Manufacturing and Purchasing Operations as Chief Operating Officer of Jaguar and Land Rover Operations in the United Kingdom.
  • Improved quality by 25% and reduced material, labor and freight warranty costs by $400 million, as well as line cost per vehicle by $300-$500, while acting as Executive Director of SUV Product Development, a $15 billion Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) business.

Quickly growing businesses and multinational corporations inevitably face challenges that are difficult to anticipate. Changes in the market, shifting customer attitude, unexpected competition; the introduction of any of these elements can make setting expectations difficult. Bennie Fowler can help.

From serving as Manager at the Wayne Stamping & Assembly Operations Plant, to Group Vice President of Global Quality & New Product Launch at Ford Motor Company, Bennie Fowler's experience spans all levels of the value chain.