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Bennie Fowler - Six Sigma Consultant

Six Sigma Consulting Services: Corporate Coaching | Bennie Fowler - truck-assemblyBennie Fowler holds the highest level of Six Sigma Certification: Sensei.

As a Six Sigma Sensei, Bennie has advanced knowledge of the proper deployment of companywide strategies designed to achieve breakthroughs in process and productivity improvement. Six Sigma allows any company to achieve rapid improvements that are both sustainable and applicable throughout the value chain. If your goal is to reduce lead times, deliver price reductions and boost your bottom line, Lean Six Sigma is a direct path towards accomplishing your vision.

Bennie’s Approach to Business Transformation Through Six Sigma

Using the core ideas of Lean Six Sigma, Bennie Fowler, also known as ‘Master Sensei,’ offers a unique approach that holds fact and knowledge-based assessment at its core. Using on-site assessments, financial reviews and planning workshops, Bennie will take the time to understand your business through-and-through to develop a customized solution that will work for your company.

With Over 40 Years of Experience in the Automotive Industry, Bennie Fowler Understands the Complex Problems Facing Large Multi-National Companies

All businesses face challenges, but rapid growth and large-scale operations inevitably give rise to complicated problems that are difficult to anticipate. Luckily, Bennie Fowler has already seen it all. From serving as Manager at the Wayne Stamping & Assembly Operations Plant to Group Vice President of Global Quality & New Product Launch at Ford Motor Company, his experience spans all levels of the value chain.

Sustainable Solutions & Establishing Expectations

Bennie Fowler is dedicated to using his Lean Six Sigma expertise to work side-by-side with team members to develop a program that can be sustained through long-term growth. When advancing any specific team, a systematic approach is taken to empower each person to maintain the system, allowing it to be self-sufficient and self-sustaining. By delivering sustainable solutions, combined with establishing clear expectations for each team member throughout your organization, the long-term value of Bennie’s influence is incredible.

Six Sigma Consulting Services: Corporate Coaching | Bennie Fowler - sixsig