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  • Quality & Process
  • Value-Based Leadership
  • Product Development
  • Lean Solutions
  • Industry 4.0
  • Business Transformation
  • Six Sigma
  • Value Stream Management
  • And Many More

Bennie's extensive experience allows him to speak on a wide range of topics relative to virtually any industry.

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Why Choose Bennie to Speak at Your Event?

Often called “Master Coach” by his friends and colleagues, Bennie’s enthusiasm and ability to inspire is immediately recognized by those who encounter him. His ability to capture attention and deliver a message that will resonate with any audience is what makes him an extremely popular choice for events of all kinds. With a natural passion for leadership and intimate knowledge of how to transform businesses through actionable insights, Bennie will capture the hearts and minds of your guests and have a lasting impact.


  • American Society for Quality - Quality Leader of the Year, 2010
  • USSSA Hall of Fame - Men's Softball, 2012
  • Honor Thy Father - Community Father Award, 2014
  • Rainbow Push Coalition - Living Legend Award, 2017
  • Michigan Chronicle - Men of Excellence Award, 2014
  • Urban Wheel - African-American Executive of the Year, 2008
  • Central University Hall of Fame - Men's Basketball, 2012
  • United Auto Workers - Community Award, 2014