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Bennie Fowler - Business Transformation Consultant

Business Consulting Services: Corporate Coaching | Bennie Fowler  - businessBusiness transformation is an expansive concept that encompasses any number of strategies designed to improve the overall function of a company.

Growing pains, changes in the market, new competition or a reduction in profit margins are all factors in a company’s decision that it is time to transform their approach. It is the companies that know when and how to undergo transformation that come out on top, and Bennie Fowler has the hands-on experience and knowledge needed to help you maintain a competitive edge.

Strategic Business Consulting Services for Transforming the Way You Operate

Bennie Fowler offers a fact-based approach to business transformation that focuses on measurable metrics and benchmarking data. Utilizing best practices and firsthand experience obtained from his over 40 years of experience as a leading force in the transformation of Ford Motor Company, Mr. Fowler offers incredible insight into the challenges of adapting to ongoing changes in consumer trends and business needs.

Key Business Transformations Accomplishments - Ford Motor Company

  • While working as Group Vice President of Global Quality, Bennie Fowler accomplished over $5 billion in product development, transforming Ford’s quality rating from last place to a top 10 position, as ranked by JD Power & Associates.
  • As COO of Jaguar & Land Rover Operations in the UK, Bennie Fowler produced nearly $1.5 billion in savings through the restructuring of Product Development, Manufacturing and Purchasing operations.
  • Serving as Executive Director, Bennie Fowler oversaw Ford’s $15 billion SUV business and produced quality by 25%, while simultaneously reducing material, labor and freight warrant costs by $400 million.
  • As Director of Vehicle Programs & Product Development, Bennie grew profits from $900 million to $2.3 billion.

Backed by decades of experience and thorough knowledge of how a high-performing multinational corporation functions throughout the value chain, Bennie Fowler can successfully support your organization in developing a transformational roadmap. All businesses face challenges, but rapid growth and large-scale operations inevitably give rise to complicated problems that are difficult to anticipate. Bennie Fowler's experience can help you visualize your ever-changing landscape and set goals that will carry you through highly-transformative periods in your business' development.

From serving as Manager at the Wayne Stamping & Assembly Operations Plant, to Group Vice President of Global Quality & New Product Launch at Ford Motor Company, Bennie Fowler has truly seen it all.