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Bennie Fowler - Lean Consultant

Lean Consulting Services: Lean Model Coaching | Bennie Fowler - manufactureAre you looking to implement lean strategies into your company’s value chain?

As a Lean Six Sigma Sensei and former Group Vice President of Global Quality and New Product Launch for Ford Motor Company, Bennie Fowler is exceptionally qualified to develop an effective system designed to reduce waste and cut costs. Now, you can benefit from his incredible knowledge and hands-on experience to set your business up for success with sustainable lean solutions.

How Can a Lean Consultant & Productivity Expert Help Your Business?

Measuring and improving time and cost efficiencies is an essential aspect of driving profits for any business. But, it’s essential not to sacrifice quality in the pursuit of streamlining systems and processes. Bennie Fowler is an expert on performing this careful balancing act and has successfully achieved lean goals on a multinational level.

Bennie Fowler is committed to working closely with key personnel throughout companies, taking a hands-on approach to developing performance and process standards designed to improve efficiencies. With his extensive technical knowledge of Lean Six Sigma concepts and implementation strategies, Mr. Fowler is focused on fact-based and measurable information to guide his approach. With client satisfaction and sustainability as key principles in tackling all challenges, you can be assured that not only will you see immediate improvements inefficiencies within your organization, you will have a long-term solution that will continually drive growth.

Key Accomplishments in Lean Process & Quality Improvement:

  • As Group Vice President of Global Quality & New Model Launch at Ford Motor Company, Bennie Fowler delivered over $5 billion in product improvements, leading to a top 10 quality rating from JD Power & Associates.
  • As Vice President of Advanced & Manufacturing Engineering at Ford Motor Company, Bennie Fowler reduced prototype costs by $10 million annually, leading to $250 million in capital savings.
  • Bennie Fowler grew profits from $900 million to $2.3 billion while acting as Director of Vehicle & Product Development.
  • Through restructuration of Product Development, Manufacturing and Purchasing Operations as Chief Operating Officer of Jaguar and Land Rover Operations in the United Kingdom, Bennie Fowler delivered $1.4 billion in savings.

All businesses face challenges, but rapid growth and large-scale operations inevitably give rise to complicated problems that are difficult to anticipate. Luckily, Bennie Fowler has already seen it all. From serving as Manager at the Wayne Stamping & Assembly Operations Plant, to Group Vice President of Global Quality & New Product Launch at Ford Motor Company, his experience spans all levels of the value chain.