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Bennie Fowler - Manufacturing Consultant

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Bennie Fowler specializes in working hands-on with team members to implement best practices of lean transformation, from the shop floor all the way to the boardroom.

With over 40 years of experience working throughout the value chain at one of the world’s largest multinational manufacturers, Ford Motor Company, Bennie Fowler offers unique insights into tackling key challenges.

Providing Sustainable Solutions to Manufacturing Challenges

  • Are you having difficulty implementing effective communication, teamwork and process execution to maximize productivity and achieve performance excellence?
  • Is your business struggling to correctly evaluate key metrics using measurable, fact-based knowledge?
  • Are changes in the consumer and regulatory landscape affecting the potential for future success, and are they being properly addressed?

Bennie’s Hand-On Approach Results in Sustainable, Measurable Strategies

Bennie Fowler is committed to working closely with key personnel throughout companies, taking a hands-on approach to developing performance and process standards designed to improve efficiencies. With his extensive technical knowledge of Lean Six Sigma concepts and implementation strategies, Mr. Fowler is focused on fact-based and measurable information to guide his approach. With client satisfaction and sustainability as key principles in tackling all challenges, you can rest assured that not only will you see immediate improvements inefficiencies within your organization, you will have a long-term solution that will continually drive growth.

Key Accomplishments - Ford Motor Company

  • Launched over 900 vehicles and delivered over $5 billion in product improvements as Group Vice President of Global Quality & New Model Launch. These improvements boosted Ford’s JD Power & Associates quality rating from last place to a solid position in the Top 10.
  • Produced $250 million in capital savings and reduced prototype costs by $10 million annually as Vice President of Advanced & Manufacturing Engineering.
  • Delivered $1.4 billion in savings through restructuration of Product Development, Manufacturing and Purchasing Operations as Chief Operating Officer of Jaguar and Land Rover Operations in the United Kingdom.
  • Improved quality by 25% and reduced material, labor and freight warranty costs by $400 million, as well as line cost per vehicle by $300-$500 while acting as Executive Director of SUV Product Development, a $15 billion Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) business.
  • Grew profits from $900 million to $2.3 billion while acting as Director of Vehicle & Product Development.
  • Received best-in-class honors from the J.D Power & Associates Initial Quality Study, as well as improved productivity by more than 25% while serving as Manager at the Wayne Stamping & Assembly Operations Plant.

For creative, sustained solutions that will boost profits and reduce operational costs throughout the organizational structure of any automotive manufacturer or supplier, Bennie is your man.