Six Sigma Sensei

Specializing in Proven Methods for Developing Lean, Efficient Processes
Bennie holds the highest level of certification in Lean Six Sigma training, Sensei. His advanced knowledge in Lean Processes, combined with his experience in the manufacturing and medical industries, provides unique insights into creating value throughout each step of the process.
Key Accomplishments Ford Motor Company
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    As Group Vice President of Global Quality and New Model Launch, Bennie launched over 900 vehicles, delivered over $5 billion in product improvements, and transformed Ford's quality from last place to the top 10 as ranked by JD Power and Associates.
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    As Vice President of Advanced and Manufacturing Engineering, Bennie produced $250 million in capital savings and reduced prototype costs by $10 million annually.
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    As Chief Operating Officer of Jaguar and Land Rover Operations in the United Kingdom, Bennie produced $1.4 Billion in savings by restructuring Product Development, Manufacturing and Purchasing operations.
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    As Executive Director of SUV Product Development, Bennie oversaw a $15 billion Sports Utility Business, improved quality by 25%, and reduced material, labor and freight warranty costs by $400 million, as well as line costs per vehicle by $300-$500.
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    As Director of Vehicle Programs & Product Development, Bennie grew profits from $900 million to $2.3 billion.
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    As Manager at the Wayne Stamping & Assembly Operations Plant, Bennie received best-in-class quality honors in the J.D. Power Initial Quality Study and improved productivity by more than 25% within 2 years.

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